South Africa's Fastest Growing Logistics Company

The Drive to Win

Fast + Furious' greatest asset is our passionate and extraordinary people.
We listen to our customers, understand their needs and have the drive to meet their uniquely complex demands by implementing customised distribution solutions. Our drive to win sets us apart and has made us one of the fastest growing logistics companies in southern Africa.

Working Together

One of our core values is teamwork. We combine the strength of individual expertise from sales, operations, information systems, customer service and finance into a seamless solution that delights our clients.
We externalise this value by truly partnering with our clients so that we are an extension of their business and we team up with them to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Full Control

Fast + Furious believe in being masters of our own destiny and have therefore invested in our own in-house development and support teams. We are in 100% control and can react with speed and agility to any new and urgent demands. We have rolled out bespoke developed solutions from mobile apps with push notifications to sign-on glass that provide live e-Pods from anywhere in South Africa. We also customise our systems around those of our clients.

Personalised Solutions

Add value and provide you peace of mind.


Linking your domain and customer


It is about delivering quality healthcare


Our success story started in the Print and Media arena

Health and Beauty

Delivering your lifestyle

Fashion and Apparel

Fashionably on time and delivered with style


About Us

We partner with our customers with our unique winning formula to work together and design and implement a customised logistics solution. These solutions will add value and provide peace of mind. It is so much more than traditional distribution as our solutions are a paradigm shift, a methodology where two companies work closely together to achieve mutual success to delight our client’s downstream customers.


“Fast + Furious listened and invested in a unique promotional distribution model that delights our clients.” Furiously Passionate F+F Client

“Fast + Furious have been a supplier for more than 14 years and we have always found them to be professional, meeting our high expectations and adding value to their services while embracing our requirements.” Furiously Passionate F+F Client